Published March 25, 2006 by jean cohen

What an exciting night it was. I went with a friend’s husband, and his friend, to watch the Sweet Sixteen round at Hooters. Note: Eat yer heart out, James. My friend was delighted to get rid of us, and the mess, so everybody was happy.

Villanova, a local uni, and alma mater of Howie Long, had been brilliant in the early rounds. Most of the #1 seeds have faltered, like Duke. They always choke in the third round. "Nova, which is an Augustinian school, played Boston College last night, which is a Jesuit enclave. ‘Nova is the #1 seed in the Big East Conference.

It kinda got me pondering who does God root for in these circumstances? I know that ‘Nova had a special "Crush the Eagles" mass, and one assumes BC did likewise. It’s a poser. If BC won, would that mean that Jesuits are better than Augustinians? But if God likes the Jesuits best, why didn’t the Hawks, from St. Joseph’s, make it to March Madness? They’re my favorite local team.

God, and the Wildcats, sure had some problems. The ‘Cats left their mojo on the bus or something, and played flat for three quarters. They didn’t score until 3:45 into the game. Allan Ray (cute) and Randy Foye (hot) were well covered by the Eagles. With 9 seconds left in overtime, Will Sheridan (great butt) drove for the basket. BC’s Sean Marshall (hubba hubba) deflected it, but got called for goal tending. The shot counted. ‘Nova pulled out a 60 – 59 win.

Pandemonium ensued. That was too damn close for comfort. Maybe God should just stick to pro football games in the future. The Wildcats next play Florida in the Elite Eight round on Sunday.


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