Published March 29, 2006 by jean cohen

It’s positively brilliant to report that the next few entries in my blog will probably be written in Weybridge. I cross the pond tomorrow night for ten days of much needed R&R.

To all of my British readers who were ENTHRALLED by my reporting on Villanova and March Madness….the ‘Cats choked and lost to Florida in the Elite Eight round. It was never even close. End of discussion.

I SOLD MY HOUSE! Yes, on May 26, I will be homeless, which, frankly, is a huge relief. I now have lots of decisions to make, not to mention lots of stuff to unload. GIANT BOOT SALE AT MY HOUSE- – – Date to be announced.

Of course, selling the house also helps with this little problem I’ve been having with a stalker. Yes, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and I now have something in common. Only in my case, the stalker doesn’t want me. You all figure it out.. I can only pray that she’s not skulking out there in the morning with a camera and zoom lens snapping pictures of me in my jammies and fuzzy pink slippers dashing out to retrieve my Inquirer.

Sadly, I’d been quite down lately, on a number of levels, and shared those feelings in my blog. Apparently, Stalker Barbie (possibly the source of the "Evil Jeano" comment?) disapproves of the raucous, rollicking life I’m living. I simply MUST switch to orange juice with my morning coffee instead of zinfandel. Apparently, I’ve missed all the fun I had.

Well, I should go pack. I already have one suitcase crammed with goodies, including Captain Pecker. Not to take the piss out of anyone, but the Dublin lad asked for "fuck-me" high heels in size 10 and fishnet stockings. Are you pondering what I’m pondering?


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