Published July 25, 2009 by jean cohen

Stuart and I went back to London on Monday.  As it was his next to last day here, we had to go to Divine Harrods.  And we had theatre in the evening.  We ate lunch at the posh Georgian Room in Harrods, fueling up for some uninterrupted solo shopping.  We just agreed to meet back at the ‘Eagle’ in an hour.  (That was a little Philadelphia joke.  When shopping at Wanamakers, everybody met at the Eagle, a huge sculpture in the Great Hall.  The ornithology kind; not the football kind.)  I don’t remember if either of us bought anything.  Discretion is my middle name.  Just like his father, he doesn’t carry bags.  Guess who schlepped them all?


We cabbed it out to Hampstead Heath to visit Eileen, who, sadly, isn’t well at the moment.  But she was anxious to meet ‘your American’ and provided a champagne and nibblies supper for us.  Since Princie’s in the real estate biz, he was enthralled by Eileen’s amazing house.  Then, a bit tipsy, it was off to the Dominion to see ‘We Will Rock You’.


I, of course, had seen it before.  Lulu took me as my Leaving Do the first time I was in England.  It’s still brilliant, and has adapted as times change with ‘current’ references like MySpace and FaceBook.  They even mentioned Michael Jackson in the scene where they talk about rockers ‘who died too soon.”  It’s only, like, two weeks since Jacko did the Big Q. 


Stuart loved the show and said it was the perfect choice, particularly since he was a Queen fan in his wild youth.  And it seemed rather illogical to see ‘Jersey Boys’ in England.  It’s, like, so not that Jersey.  And I’m meeting up with the real ‘Jersey Boy and Girl’ at T-5 at Heathrow on Sunday anyway for a Garden State fix and a coffee.  Muffin Man will probably play it safe and have a hot chocolate.


Tuesday was catch-up day, last chance to meet some more of my friends and finish Princie’s souvenir shopping.  We went to Windsor, skipping the castle (it’s so been done before) and hitting the upmarket shops.  We had a lovely Last Supper at Thai Garden – just the two of us – called in to Pinkie’s so Princie could say his goodbyes to the Dyers, and just spent the evening together, talking about family stuff and reminiscing.   It was lovely and a bit sad to have Stuart visit and I enjoyed every second.  It did make me a tad homesick for ‘home’, but ‘home’ in that context, because it was so entwined with Jerry, doesn’t exist any more.  Home is now wherever I am and whatever I make it.  Hershey bars and scrapple do make it a bit tastier though.


BooBoo, Cheese Boy and I took The Stepson Formerly Known as Prince to Heathrow on Wednesday morning.  By prior agreement, we didn’t hang around.  It would have been upsetting for us both.  Of course, we both cried again, and Stuart promised to visit more often in future.  And I’ll be seeing him in just a couple months when Pinkie and I cross the pond in October.


Then it was home to my Wilderness in Weybridge and my ordinary life- shifts at Sam, shopping, girlie plans and a weekend with three dates in a row (Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night). It’s always hopping in Jeano’s Wilderness.



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