Published June 6, 2010 by jean cohen

Wow.  That was a crappy blog- not at all up to my high standards of journalism. 


Tough shit.


I was very busy.


So, back to What I Did On My Summer Vacation…


The second night we were there Princie had a pool party.  Boo and I were still jet-lagged and had a fairly early night.  I don’t know what everyone else did, but a lot of people ended up staying over.


We went out for dinner with my cousins on Sunday night, like my last visit, but in the Northeast at a restaurant called Tuscany.  No surprise there; excellent Italian food.  I think poor Boo was intimidated by a gang of loud, fast talking Italians who didn’t understand a single word she said.  Cousins: “What?”  Me: “She said ‘Hi, nice to meet you’”, translating from English to… well… English.


As it was Boo’s birthday while we were there, I decided to make her a Jeano Birthday Dinner, a special dinner that the Birthday Person gets to choose.  Well, that’s not true, actually.  If I was in charge of the celebrating, I would have just made reservations.  Ira and Princie decreed I was cooking the dinner. 


“Boo, what would you like for your birthday meal?” I asked.


Ira and Stuart:  “Why are you asking her?  You’re doing gnocchi and meatballs and a salad to put the meatballs in.  With cannoli for dessert.”


So Boo and I went shopping at Genuardi’s for ingredients and I whipped up a fantastic meal.  Boo had tasted cannoli at the cousins’ dinner and wasn’t crazy about them so I took pity on her.  I just ordered a regular birthday cake instead.


Then it was off to Delaware for an overnight visit with Abe and Janet.  In the afternoon, they took us to Longwood Gardens (like Kew Gardens here) for the Lily Exhibit.  In the evening, they took us to Little Italy in Wilmington for dinner at the Mona Lisa, a too die for Italian restaurant.  Are you sensing a pattern here?  The cannoli were fantastic.  They brought one out with a candle for Boo’s birthday.  After dinner, we went back to Chez Bailis and watched a Brazilian film.  Janet drove us back to Springfield the next afternoon as I had a special date arranged… Scrabble with Toots by the pool.


Toots was late (she got lost navigating the wilds of Delaware County and the Blue Route).  She dashed in in her most ‘Toots’ way, got introduced to Boo, and after barely saying ‘Hello’ to me, started getting the Scrabble board set up.  I felt so … used.


“Aren’t you glad to see me?  Don’t you want to mention that I look terrific?” I asked piteously.  “Yeah, whatever” Toots responded, drawing her first letter.  “F.  Did ya make coffee?”


It was positively, unbelievably fantastic; like the quarrel had never happened, we were right back in our groove.


BooBoo sunbathed and read her book (I guess we kind of ignored her) as we got down to serious Scrabble.  When Princie showed up, we paused long enough to instruct him to order Chinese food for dinner.  We took a ten minute break to eat when the food arrived, and it was back to the game.  We played two hard fought matches, splitting- one win each.  Since she had that long drive back to Lansdale, we had to eschew a third game. 


Boo’s visit was at an end, so I took her to the Springfield Mall for one final shopping trip first thing Thursday morning.  We had plans for lunch in Philly, with His Honor, the Judge.  Princie dropped us off near City Hall early so Boo could take some pictures and at least say she got into the city once on her trip.  I’d already taken her to Independence Hall on a previous visit so we spent the time productively.  We shopped.  At Daffy’s. 


Then it was off to the Italian Bistro for a yummy, if uncomfortable, Italian meal with my intimidating brother-in-law.  It was really nice.  I’ve hinted before in the blog that Gene is a teensy bit rigid and judgmental.  Not at all!  We had a great time and he said some things about me that were jaw-droppingly complimentary.  No, I won’t share.  But I felt pretty damned impressed with myself.


Then it was time to take BooBoo to the airport.  I was sad… and worried.  Her suitcases were crammed with my first load of absolute necessities and goodies.  And I was going to miss her.  I was.  There were a few tears on both sides. 


So to cheer up, Princie and I decided to go to the movies, to see Sex and The City 2, which had opened the night before.




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