Published June 22, 2010 by jean cohen

You’ll be pleased to hear that my luggage is back from holiday in Australia.  It had a nice time.  So did PPeter, borrower of said luggage.  He was highly amused that I had to borrow someone else’s suitcases to take to Philly.


Another busy week, but they all are.  Thursday started off at 6:30 AM- a networking Do in Cobham with JDavid.  That necessitated a 4:45 AM alarm to get up, coffeed and dressed for a 6:15 pick-up.


“I’m not my most charming at 6:30 in the morning” I’d warned David when he asked me to go along. 


“Sure you are” he said.  “You’re always charming and you’re better at networking than me.  Must be an American thing.”


He is so full of it; I’m Italiano.  He probably just wanted company.


But I went (I picked out my outfit the night before; otherwise I would have had to wake up at 3:30 to start pondering).  And I was almost civil.


I got home at 9:30, just in time to change and dash to a meeting at Christ Prince of Peace.  I maybe wasn’t so charming to the Catholics either. 


Then a quick stop at the Senior Centre to check on the numbers for our next Coach Trip; it’s not selling very well (again).  Then it was off to my shift at Sam.  Thursday night I went to dinner with friends.


Friday was my quiet day; I had to rest for the Midnight Walk.  So only one meeting in the morning (but it wasn’t ‘til 10:30), lunch with Brenda and Hester and shopping for the raffle prizes for the Centre’s Wimbledon luncheon on Tuesday.  Then I did rest.


Maya picked me up at 10:00 PM so we could check in early at the Walk and then go have a coffee.  It was pouring down rain.  We met up with our other two walkers and wandered around chatting to everyone we knew.  I sure know a lot of women in Surrey; it still amazes me. 


It was raining.  It was cold.  It was England.. summer style.


I was layered and flashing bunny-eared and BooBoo had given me my very own anorak so I was ready for anything.  Except maybe my very first ever porta-loo in New Haw at the mid-way point.  Who thought those up? 


The walk was uneventful and I staggered across the finish line at Brooklands Museum at 3:20 AM to receive my gorgeous medal and a much needed cup of coffee.  I will get around to posting some pictures when I get a spare minute.


I do confess to being too tired to get up for shul on Saturday morning.


I am quite proud of myself for: a) walking ten miles, b) doing it for the third time, and c) doing it for a cause that really, really matters in honor of someone who really, really mattered.


Scary Fairy crosses the pond next week, hopefully with a suitcase crammed with goodies for the Third Annual Thanksgiving Dinner.  And the Jews for the third annual Festa di Independenza barbecue.  That’s three ‘third annuals’ in one blog.  Cool, huh?


I think it’s going to be a huge do this year.  I’ve made so many friends – the real kind – that the guest list is enormous. 


Of course, I’m looking forward to endless Scrabble with Her Scariness.  Note to Toots:  Ha! Ha!  You could hop on a plane, you know.  Rhonda could fix you up.


Fortunately, Scary doesn’t want to see England this visit.

So we’re going to see Paris.  We’re taking Eurostar over for four days of wine, men, and sightseeing, French style.  Did I forget ‘shopping’?  Sacribleu!


Maybe Scary can be persuaded to do a ‘Guest Blog’ on her visit.  I could use a break.


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