Published April 28, 2013 by jean cohen

I know that the last blog wasn’t up to standard.  I guess my muse was otherwise engaged.


This week was a bit more of my usual doing stuff.


I did my gigs as Tea Lady and Bookstore Clerk without any weird stuff happening, like undercover cops turning up.  (Boy, did Kim and I catch hell for that.)


Incidentally, Mike, my favourite partner at the Book Shop, passed away this week.  It wasn’t unexpected, but it’s still sad.  The funeral is in about three weeks.  I will never get used to the custom here (unless you’re Jewish) of waiting so damned long to bury a loved one.  I sort of picture the bereaved family just carrying on with their day to day lives while the deceased is on ice somewhere.  Yuck.


Mike’s son, Brian, is my Computer Guy now and I’ve recommended him to all my friends, so positively everybody pushes ‘hold’ and rings Brian.


Anyway, Mike’s being cremated.  The funeral is at Randall’s in Leatherhead, and it won’t be my first visit to Randall’s nor my first cremation.  My friend Hester’s was my first and it scarred me for life.  (No jokes, please, about being too old to be scarred for life.)  When the mechanism came on to swoosh Hester’s coffin into the oven behind the curtain, I thought I was going to puke.


Moving on to happier topics, I went to Richmond on Wednesday night with Ray and Adriana to the cinema.  We saw ‘Dans la Maison’ at the Odean.  For Americans, that means ‘In the House’.  It was in French, probably because it was a French film.  Fortunately for me, they wrote what the characters were saying underneath.  Otherwise, I would have had to guess.

I really liked the film.


A very ‘Jeano-ish’ thing happened before we got to the cinema.  We were going to the 5:30 show, so we decided we’d have dinner in Richmond afterwards.  As we walked to the theatre, we checked out the restaurants we passed as possibilities.  We stopped outside this charming little Italian restaurant called ‘Al Boccon Di Vino’ to check out the menu, and the owner called from inside for us to come in.  He said it was one of his employee’s birthdays and that they wanted us to celebrate with them.  He presented us with a bottle of wine (pretty nice, too) and slices of birthday cake.  However, they couldn’t seat us for dinner after the film as they were fully booked.  It’s a small place, and they have one seating as it’s a seven course meal.


I kept waiting for there to be a catch, like getting a bill for the wine and cake, but there wasn’t any.  Ray kept shaking his head all the way to the cinema, muttering ‘That doesn’t happen in England.’  Of course it doesn’t.  The guy was Italian.  And he was extremely hot, by the way.  I certainly want to go back there to eat.


There was a Bat Mitzvah at shul this week.  JAP score on the outfits and food:  Mother of the B|M girl – 5; B/M girl – 7; Oneg – 6.5.   


Cheeseboy is in Sharm el Sheikh (of all places) this week soaking up some Vitamin D so Boo and I had a proper girls’ night on Saturday. 


Finally, keep watching this space.  There is Trouble here in River City, or Weybridge, if you insist on being pedantic.  It involves someone I used to be friends with, and it is truly horrific.


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